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(submitted by Kathy Franje on 3/6/2021 at 10:51 AM CST)
Thank you for your prayers. Judy had successful surgery and is home again and doing well. Praise the Lord!
BERNICE VAN SOELEN (Gretta Veenstra's sister)
(submitted by Kathy Franje on 3/4/2021 at 09:29 PM CST)
Please pray for Gretta's sister Bernice and her family as they grieve the death of Bernice's husband, Ralph Van Soelen, who died early Wednesday morning due to complications following surgery for a broken hip. We praise God for the many years given to Ralph and that he is now free from all suffering.
(submitted by Kathy Franje on 3/3/2021 at 08:20 PM CST)
Please pray for Judy Fynaardt as she undergoes surgery for breast cancer on Friday in Des Moines. Pray for skill for the surgeon and for peace for the family.
(submitted by Richarla Den Oudsten on 3/2/2021 at 02:08 PM CST)
Braxton's lung biopsy and chest tube placement was delayed until this afternoon. Now they are all awaiting results. Pray for strength and patience as the family waits. Pray for wisdom and discernment for the doctors and nurses providing Braxton's care.
(submitted by Richarla Den Oudsten on 2/26/2021 at 09:32 AM CST)
Please continue to pray for Krista and her son Braxton. Braxton remains in the PICU on the ventilator, and doctors are still struggling to figure out what is wrong. The labs and liver biopsy have all come back clear. They are planning to do a lung biopsy on Monday. Doctors were able to adjust vent settings a little lower and decrease a couple of meds so that Braxton is not entirely sedated, allowing for some cuddles and hand squeezing between Krista and Braxton. Pray for wisdom and insight for the doctors as they search for answers. Pray for God’s comforting hand to surround Braxton’s family as they wait and for complete healing for Braxton.
(submitted by Carla Vander Molen on 2/25/2021 at 06:56 PM CST)
Barb had a CT scan this week with some good and bad news. The lesions and spots on the abdominal wall are "very clearly smaller" (praise the Lord!); the liver might be a little worse, but the change was so small on the large lesions. Barb also has a blood clot in the lung which is treatable by prescription drug. Continue to pray for Barb and Gary as they will be meeting with the doctor on Monday.
(submitted by Pastor George on 2/25/2021 at 12:50 PM CST)
Join Teresa and Dennis as they give thanks to God for the CT scan showing the cancer shrinking in her body. She is also thankful the drain port in her lungs is allowing them to heal and reduce the fluid build-up. God is good!
(submitted by Pamela Kay Klyn on 2/21/2021 at 11:20 AM CST)
Krista Stralow, a coworker of mine, is going through a difficult time with her family. Her youngest son Braxton has been ill for awhile, and doctors have been trying to figure out what is going on. He is in the Blank PICU, where he has been intubated for over 24 hours. The machines are at very high settings, and weaning down is a long process. It’s expected he will stay intubated for approximately another week. Now that Braxton is stable, he will undergo a liver and lung biopsy tomorrow. They’re running more labs; he had a chest x-ray this morning and it looked 10x better than yesterday’s. You can see his lungs, and his body (with help, of course) is moving oxygen. Please remember Braxton and his family in your prayers.