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We're glad you're here.  Whether you are just passing through or live in the area, we hope you enjoy your time here. 

Consider yourself invited to join us for a worship service!  If you do, we'd like to give you a preview of what to expect.

When you arrive, a few people will probably be waiting near the door to greet you.  If you have questions or need help with something, they are good people to ask.

When you walk up the steps, look for a wooden rack on the wall – there you will find the weekly bulletin that contains the agenda (we call it “order of worship”) for the day's worship services, as well as various announcements. Go ahead and take a bulletin and any other printed material provided there.

Ushers are available at each of the doors to the sanctuary to help you find a seat.  You may be surprised that it's pretty quiet in the sanctuary, even though there are probably several people already seated. It's not against the rules to talk, it's just our custom to quietly read the bulletin and prepare our minds and hearts for the worship service. About five minutes before the service begins, the organist or pianist will begin playing.

The worship service itself can be described as traditional and is patterned as a back and forth dialogue.  God greets us through scripture, we sing praise to Him.  God calls us to confession, assures us of forgiveness through Jesus, and calls us to live in gratitude for what He has done for us through Christ; we respond in song and prayer and giving our offering.  Through scripture and preaching, we learn more about God's nature and character and how to apply His Word to our lives. Our worship time closes with song, God's benediction, and a final doxology of praise.  

Following our morning worship, everyone is welcome to visit over coffee or lemonade.  We hope you will stay so we can get to know one another!  And you're welcome to join us again in the evening for another opportunity to worship and fellowship.